😲 HOW TO BUILD AN EMAIL LIST (FOR FREE!) | How To Start An Online Business 101 | Part 6

😲 HOW TO BUILD AN EMAIL LIST (FOR FREE!) | How To Start An Online Business 101 | Part 6

In Part 6 of How To Build An Online Business 101 it's time to learn how to build an email list fast!

How to build an email list fast?

⏱️Timestamps: How To Validate Your Product - Day 4⏱️

0:00 Intro

6:58 How To Build An Email List (Step-By-Step)

7:03 Email Service Provider Recommendations

9:53 Lead Magnet Ideas & Examples

12:33 Landing Page / Optin Page Examples

14:31 Please Confirm Page Example

17:03 Welcome Email Tips & How Often To Email Your List

16:10 Thank-you Page Example

18:06 Build Know Like & Trust

18:30 Email Sequence Example

21:06 FREE GIFT: Groove Funnels Website Builder On Me

24:53 How To Drive Leads To Build Your Email List

In tomorrow's lesson I'll show you how to generate leads to drive traffic to your website for free!

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