BOOK REVIEW: Never In Your Wildest Dreams by Natalie Ledwell from Mind Movies

BOOK REVIEW: Never In Your Wildest Dreams by Natalie Ledwell from Mind Movies

You are going to love this book!

Never In Your Wildest Dreams by Natalie Ledwell from Mind Movies.

It's a self-help book that focuses on the Law of Attraction, abundance mindset, and going from scarcity and complete broke to success Fame and Fortune. Watch my video book review below and I'll also show you how to get a FREE copy of this incredible Law of Attraction success story for yourself ...



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It sounds a little bit "wild" and well your’re right, but actually works! I actually know Natalie Ledwell personally. I’ve known her since 2007 and I've seen the progress that she’s made and that's the really cool thing about this book.

In my video today, I’m going to show you where you can download a copy for free for yourself, and I'll show you exactly what you’re getting and what the storyline is about.

In the book Never In Your Wildest Dreams, by Natalie Ledwell, takes you on the Journey of Katherine Murray who goes from completely being broke and downhearted in the scarcity mindset and you see her journey of how she actually becomes incredibly famous as a screenwriter.

The really cool part is that at the end of every chapter Natalie Ledwell actually shares her personal insight about what Katherine is thinking about what experiences she’s going through to achieve those steps, using Natalie’s own personal experience.

So, let’s have a look here. This is Never In Your Wildest Dreams, a transformational story to tap into the hidden gifts to create life passion purpose and prosperity. First you'll find a nice Foreward by Loral Langemeier and a dedication from now ex-husband Glen Ledwell. (They’re still business partners there. They make an amazing team!) And a special message here from Natalie Ledwell herself and then we go straight into chapter 1 here.

What I wanted to share with you is that so as you’re reading this story (which is a really great story), its one of those stories that you don’t want to put down, that you just keep putting off going to bed, if you want to finish it (it’s one of those stories) but the really neat thing is that the end of the chapter we have what is called the Go Inside The Chapter area where you can actually get a special QR scan code that will bring you to a website to get access to the back story for each of the chapter.

As soon as you scan the code, you will be taken to a page where you’re going to get a special video message from Natalie Ledwell explaining the concept two steps that Katherine is taking in her journey in that particular chapter.

In chapter one, as well as in the majority of the chapters, you're actually getting an additional bonus gift that you can download. Created for you to help you stay in an abundance positive mindset. You can download them to your own laptop your PC or you’re mac or to your mobile phone, so it's easier to access them. Gifts like her Happiness Blast Mind Movie and her 6 pre-made Minds movies for specific goals that you’re looking for.

In other chapters, Natalie Ledwell, will give you private VIP links to related lessons from her other courses and platforms, like her The Inspiration Show, that is related to that specific chapter.

So she tries to give you information that relates to the lessons you learn in the chapters so you won't feel like you're alone in creating your own journey of success using the Law of Attraction, just the way that Natalie teaches.

I noticed when I was looking through her Never In Your Wildest Dreams book, that she shared a special message, she said, "I can remember just a few years ago in 2006..." the year before I met her "... I was staring at a table completely frustrated, because I had a huge pile of debt and I didn’t understand what was going wrong. I was doing all the things that the experts had told me to do, to attract wealth and abundance in my life and still something was holding me back. So I knew I had to learn the steps. Being a logical girl I wanted to explain how to use the information down to the basics, step by step."

I took a look on Amazon to see how much Natalie Ledwell's Never In your Wildest Dreams book was, and I was completely SHOCKED to learn that you could get a copy for a whopping USD $149.61 for the hardcover! But then I realized that's because you’re getting because access to so much more than just a book. But you DO NOT have to pay that much for your own copy!

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We’ve all been through a lot with a pandemic and I want to do something. So I really hope you enjoy that. Now go and watch my video above so we can really dive inside Natalie's book plus I’ll show you exactly what you’re getting in your FREE BONUSES and how to access them.

All right, I hope that was helpful. This was again a book review for Never In Your Wildest

Dreams by Natalie Ledwell from Mind Movies. I really am excited for you to get access to all of your free gifts. Natalie and I are on a mission to help you raise your vibration.

Okay, I'll meet you inside my video above.

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