How To Make Money As A Kid (💰 OFF & ONLINE)

How To Make Money As A Kid (💰 OFF & ONLINE)

"I Believe Every Child Deserves The Best Financial Education"

This is part 3 in my free 10-day Financial Literacy For Kids 101 series.

Let's look at some fun ways of how to make money as a kid both online and offline including a passive income secret to create financial freedom!

Okay so you're here either because you are a kid looking to find some ways to earn money or your a parent who wants to help your child find some really fun ways to earn their own money.

Do you or your child get an allowance? Are you trying to find an alternative to giving or getting an allowance?

The first thing I want you to consider is why do you want to earn money as a kid? Do you have a specific goal that you want to save up for?

Knowing why you want to make money is a key factor to successfully earning your own money as a kid. If you don't know why you are doing it then you will not stick with it. You will become bored or just want to give up when it gets too hard.

So knowing why is crucial.

The next thing you need to seriously consider is what kind of job do you want to do to earn money as a kid? What kind of job would you or your child enjoy doing?

To figure this out have a look at what are your child's interests? What are they good at. What do they have a natural talent or passion for?

After you figure these two important factors then it's time to get creative, have some fun, and come up with some ideas of how to make money as a kid both online and offline. Then try one of them for a week or more. Then try another way for another week or more. See which feels best.

Okay, so to help you figure out the two first factors and to also give you some really fun ways for kids to make money I've put together the following video for you. (You will be shocked at how fun and easy these can be!)

Make sure you take notes and after you watch the video let me know in the comments below what way are you or your child going to earn money first?

How To Make Money As A Kid


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