Goal Setting For Kids (🎯 GOAL-O-METER ?)

Goal Setting For Kids (🎯 GOAL-O-METER ?)

"I Believe Every Child Deserves The Best Financial Education"

This is part 1 in my free 10-day Financial Literacy For Kids 101 series.

The secret to getting your child excited to learn about money is to use this simple goal setting tool "The Goal-O-Meter" ...

Use this unique tool to get your child not only excited to learn about money and also inspired to find ways to earn their own money!

You see learning about money (financial literacy education) is usually thought of as a very boring topic. Kids usually connect learning about money to learning how to budget and how to save but never about how to spend money to achieve their own goals and dreams.

This is where the magic comes in. You see knowing how to use goal setting for kids will allow you to have a magic power over your child. As they start watching their goals become reality they will get more and more excited to want to learn even more about money and how to be a master of their money.

The key is to have your child first sit down and write out a list of all the things they want to achieve, to buy, to do or be.

Make sure that your child writes out a few different goals for each of these so they'll have an abundance of meaningful goals to work with. Really push them to dream big. We want to get your child really excited about their goals.

Have them draw pictures of their goals and what their life will be like once they have achieved them.

Maybe they want to buy a brand new bike. Have them do some research online for pictures of the type of bike, the colour that they want. You really want them to see the goal as real, as attainable.

Now it's time to have your child place each of their goals on my special goal setting tool:

The Goal-o-Meter

Your child will use this tool to help them figure out which goals are most important to them, which goals they want to achieve first.

This is critical to your child's financial literacy education and to their financial independence success. When your child is focused on achieving their goals they are more open to learning different ways of how they can achieve their goals.

And that's where using this Goal-O-Meter tool will help you to open your child's mind to learn not just about what money is but rather to really learn how to manage their money like a money master.

Don't worry, it's not only easy to use it's super fun too! You're kiddo will love this!

Okay, so this is what I've done for you. I've put together the video below to walk you through step-by-step exactly how to use the Goal-O-Meter to achieve their own goals.

Make sure you take notes and after you watch the video let me know in the comments below what goal your child wants to achieve first.

Goal Setting For Kids (🎯 GOAL-O-METER?)

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